Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Kunstakademiets Bachelorutstilling 2019

Ila Pensjonat, Waldemar Thranes Gate 70. 10-19 May.

Alexandra Vasic

I will do a performance on the opening of the exhibition

“I feel sorry, from the bottom of my heart”

88 roses made of coloured and cut bedsheets, were placed outside the entrance of the women’s clinic, building number 8 at Ullevål hospital, in Oslo during 1 April. The roses stood as a symbol for all women

who have been wrongly diagnosed and suffer from Endometriosis or other related female diseases, due to insufficient research and knowledge.

In general it takes about 8 years until those who suffer from for example Endometriosis, get the right diagnose. It can be perceived as an eternity and it is something the infinity symbol like a sideways figure of number 8 in modern interpretation can symbolize, where in the ancient understanding the symbol can also be connected as a symbol for empowerment.

In the language of roses, 1 rose can mean ”Love at first sight”, 2 can mean

”Deeply in love with you” and 88 can mean ”I feel sorry from the bottom of my heart”.
That is the message the 88 roses are sending out to all women all around the world, who have died or are still suffering because of the diseases, in vain.

-22 roses together during spring for good luck
-22 roses together during summer for good luck
-22 roses together during autumn for good luck
-22 roses together during winter for good luck

The village Lipolist in Serbia, is a small village that keeps depopulating.
This village, with the name leading to the leaf of the Little leaf linden tree, is known for holding a rose festival each year. Then it gets filled with millions of fragrant roses, again, again and again…

-But what does the end smell or look like?
-Maybe, as a leaf on the rotting tree…