Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Kunstakademiets Bachelorutstilling 2019

Ila Pensjonat, Waldemar Thranes Gate 70. 10-19 May.

Emma Astner

Scenic Viewpoint Program

Sunday 12/5 15:00
I read stories where mountains are represented in different ways.

Monday 13/5 17:00
Screening of the movie is "The englishman who went up a hill and came down a mountain".
Romcom starring Hugh Grant, perhaps followed by a discussion.

Onsdag 15/5 15:00
Skype with Jonna
Discussion with philosopher Jonna Bornemark over skype.

Thursday 16/5 18:00
Yoga with Rina Dula
Yoga influenced by mountains, the body, past experiences and wisdom.

Saturday 18/7
Visit a mountain
We will pay a visit to a nearby mountain. While at the mountain we let everyones experiences guide how we will accend.

Sunday 19/7
After work
After work at a bar near the exhibition space. More info will come!

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Failed mountain made of rocks, bricks, a piece of wood and some kind of metal device, put together with spackling paste.

Mountains rest beneath a splendor of stars, but even in them time flickers. Ah, unsheltered in my wild, darkling heart lies immortality

In the first year of my bachelor in arts I decided to build a mountain. If you are wondering why, I have no good answer to give you at the time. I have made up a few during these past years and they have all carried pieces of truth but no one of them have been completely right. All I can say is that there where certain events and circumstances that led to the birth of this idea and the beginning of the project. I would say that there were three things in particular that were extra important for the forming of my desire to build a mountain.

1. I started to study philosophy as a complement to the bachelor in fine art I was attending. This of course led to a minor life crisis. What is the meaning of life? What is the truth? What is a word? What am I?

2. The myth of Sisyphus and my professor not buying the myth of Sisyphus explanation. What does it mean for Sisyphus to do something completely meaningless and actually enjoy it? What does it mean to really believe in and try to do something presumably impossible? What does it mean to do something useless of your time?

3. The fact that I had just started art school and felt really small and scared of doing anything at all. To build a mountain felt liberating because it was such a big thing to do, and therefore impossible to see the obstacles. Also, big ideas carry with them a lot of energy.

Mellan det förflutna och framtiden” Hanna Arendt 

Arvily Monsen?

Now if you can, I would like you to shift focus from why to how. How to build a mountain? I have found out that if you want to build something, the first thing you need to to do is to understand what it is you want to build. For me this has taken several years. When I realized that I wasn’t so sure about what makes a mountain a mountain, it felt wise to reach out to someone who was a specialist in the subject. I contacted a geologist and asked if we could meet.

She told me that it was impossible to build a mountain because mountains need to develop and become in a certain way for it to be called mountains, if I were to build a mountain mysfel it would just be an artificial mountain.

Then I moved on to a linguist. He talked about garbage mountains and mountains made of butter but also the surname Bergh (which means mountain in swedish). I left his office thinking it was maybe possible to build mountains through metaphors and through placing the language in different contexts. But if I were to build a garbage mountain there would be a high risk that others would view it as a garbage heap or a dump, which would be all wrong.

The linguist reffered me to a person who worked with making glossaries and dictionaries. She told me that the meaning of words are defined by how they are used in the language. This means that according to the language there are no specific quality or trait that defines a mountain (of course). In many ways I was now back on square one.