Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Kunstakademiets Bachelorutstilling 2019

Ila Pensjonat, Waldemar Thranes Gate 70. 10-19 May.

demons everywhere,
angels everywhere (here)


let’s take it on,

there’s the system, the system is the way we see things. it can be good to have

1        a system.

 we have expectations to things. we must navigate within the scheme of things.                                                                                                         
3 factors                    

                             a) fantasy                                                               
                                     b) stage
                                             c) situation

i wonder, these beginnings
                  these endings
                         how do we navigate within.
Do we not have a text available so that we are able to maneuvre around?


there’s the artist with ideas
there’s the work of art which is queer
there’s the crowd being activated

now tell me the truth
                        the lie                   (disguise)
infatuation is a beautiful name, i’m sorry it’s not your name ,              
                                                                                                                                                            it’s a spell

rub it in:

    we see it, it’s there - 

 2                    an OBJECT!

play along:

        the rules are simple (you can’t be wrong)   

the artist is hiding behind a curtain, he meditates on the matter while daylight is shining in from a window 

i love you but your words do
not matter to me.

           words are a virus,
placed in the

                                       to explain    
these signs,
symbols, these
                                                words are not enough,
but it is such a perfect place
to start our                                                       


to venture into the forest of signs and symbols

                                                to walk off the well known paths


we are questioning (everything)                       

                                                                                    a) logic
                                                                                                 b) the default              
                                                                                                                       c) the reasonable

 the work-
does it make sense?
does it have to?

the journey                        3

a narrative from a -> b

 fantasy is what is imagined its very real yet very unreal
the staging is the materialization
    THE SUBSTANCE = (FORM + MATTER) ≈ IDEAS                   of the idea
and will shape the situation by placing       
                                                        itself in

                                                                                                                                                                        time and space

where’s the lie? what’s the truth

    the snake is in the sky
        your eye can see the light

            the reality is right there behind                
                the words, like you said them, right?


                                      the beginning the ending                          
                                            i’m not sure if that’s so important
                                                its the distance in between
                                                    the form the matter the you the me

                                                                    it’s very easy
                                                                       if we don’t have to be right  
                                                                             it’s very convincing
                                                                                   we have the words
                                                                                                                                     our eyes
                                                                                                                                                              the light

4       the horizon


an object is placed in the centre
we are standing around it

the sun and moon
flies over and around us in circles

then what’s next you ask me

                 i answer it’s all about the distance in between knowing and not. realizing the distance is there, being ok with it. right? does that make sense? yes

you have spent your time dwelling on the structures,
however, alas if u were thinking about the architecture of things,
then i wasted my time, trying to convince you
to dazzle the entire crowd,                                 spellbinding

                                                        that’s what it’s all about

5                    the eyes

this is the 5th part    
           about the eyes
 they    are   the  tools
  we use to verify  with
& it’s  nice  2  realize
the truth and lies     
  +  it was important
to have five parts  in
this text, as five is   
         half of a whole

waiting for time to pass by words accumulate easily. but it’s not easy giving a meaning to everything. time is very much an illusion. i’ve said it so often, so that now I have started to believe in it. The words i have written in this flow are a part of it. A process is staying in flux, realizing that the only thing that really exists is change. And what is change, but an immaterial abstract concept.  its hard to be absolute. I want thtings to matter, and change the way we think. I want us to be able to maneuvre around the the pool, instead of plunging right into it. Even though I also want to dive into the pool, I want to swim in the waters of time change youth and eternity. Will i float, will i sink, then meet me there, in the middle, in the centre, where we feel like it matters, if it really matters.


infatuation that’s a beautiful name i’m sorry it’s not yours
niels munk plum 1992, DK
works with unfixing the ideal of logic and how we can re-experience narratives through indefinite media. He works with performance, text, sound and installation to create situations in which the audience can question what’s really going on.[FP1] Plum’s aim is to work with words and objects in a way that disassembles our expectations to the form in which it operates. Making a script can be a way of mapping a situation; it does not necessarily have to go from A to B to create meaning to a viewer. Working with language, poetically or through cliché gestures, the narrative can appear in an unexpected manner, which turns the activation of the audience into a key process of translating the work.     Translating, is to make people venture into “a forest of signs and symbols”[1], where they can associate or disassociate the work with what they already know, and make them realize for themselves what the "meaning" of the work is.[FP2] Niels perceives his work as autonomous tools, which we can use to discuss and create new ideas with. He wants to question and re-evaluate our default ways, which we find ourselves operating with daily[FP3] .

[1]Like Jacques Rancière describes the process of learning something new, in ”The Emancipated Spectator” (2008)

[FP1]Sikke en kedelig indledning.
start med noget som siger noget om dig selv, på en skarp, sjov måde. Det kan være 4 linjers indled. Så kan du evt sige de her tin.

[FP2]Hvad med et godt eksempel hvor du fortalte om hvad de rent faktisk har lavet???
[FP3]Meget fed sætning.