Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Kunstakademiets Bachelorutstilling 2019

Ila Pensjonat, Waldemar Thranes Gate 70. 10-19 May.

Tim Høibjerg

Being a Body Unable to Mount

Q: Matias Kiil
A: Tim Høibjerg


MK: You have a background in photography, where your previous work also is subject to manipulation and post-work. In your recent work, it is even more difficult to find concrete traces from reality, other than form, texture and color. How do you relate to photography today?

TH: The indexical qualities of photography have never been important in my work. However, photography remains a important element as one of many tools. The form and function have developed and changed, but the technology I use is still dependent on the principles of photography. Whether it’s the «virtual camera» inside the software to create moving and still images, textile prints, or 3D-scanning.


MK: Could you share some of your thoughts around choice of materials and surfaces?

TH: My interest in materials and surfaces I choose in my work have always felt very intuitive to me. I remember being fascinated by materiality and particularly the imagined materiality of an object or surfaces from an early age. Often I’m drawn to dualities; materials and surfaces that have an uncanny feeling of being both synthetic or organic at the same time. A tug of war between the real and the fake. Material in liquid states, symbolizing that anything is possible and transformation is endless. This fluid state of min resonates with me.


MK: Can you describe how these shapes come to fruition?

TH: Sometimes they derive from scans of real-life objects or bodies, other times they're purely sculpted in the software from imagination, intuitively like clay or painting.